12 03, 1918

Ignatius Holloran

March 12th, 1918|Dublin Fusiliers, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

Ignatius Holloran was born on 1st February 1892, the eldest son of George and Margaret Holloran who lived at Springfield View, Clowbridge (the row of [...]

25 07, 1918

John Robert Larner

July 25th, 1918|East Lancashire Regiment, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

John Robert Larner was born on 31st January 1890, the second child of Robert and Francis Larner. He was baptised soon after birth, at St [...]

31 07, 1917

John and Joseph Lord  

July 31st, 1917|East Lancashire Regiment, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

In the 25th August 1917 edition of the Rossendale Free Press, John and Mary Lord, of 41, York Street, Crawshawbooth, wrote a short poem to [...]

31 07, 1917

William Manning

July 31st, 1917|East Lancashire Regiment, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

William Manning was born on 13th January 1896, one of seventeen children to Michael and Annie, both of whom had settled in the town from [...]

9 10, 1917

James Nerney and Thomas Regan

October 9th, 1917|East Lancashire Regiment, Lancashire Fusiliers, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

On 5th September 1897, within four weeks of his birth, James Nerney was baptised into St James the Less church by the parish priest, Fr [...]

20 09, 1915

Thomas William O’Brien

September 20th, 1915|Border Regiment, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

Thomas William O’Brien, uncle of Tom Smith, currently St James the Less church’s oldest parishioner and himself a veteran of the Second World War, was [...]

6 09, 1917

Albert Hunt

September 6th, 1917|Lancashire Fusiliers, Soldiers Stories|0 Comments

Albert Hunt, the grand-father of our parishioner David Pilling, was a ‘Bury lad’. One of four children, after leaving school Albert quickly progressed from being [...]

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